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About Us


« Chrétiens Témoins dans le Monde” (Christian Witnesses in the World) » is an association formerly known as « Communauté Internationale des Hommes d‘Affaires du Plein Evangile – France », and is the French branch of the « Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International » (FGBMFI) movement www.fgbmfi.org.

The association is made up of Christians of all denominations, from all socio-professional backgrounds, committed to their respective communities and respectful of their differences.

Our history

2008 : “Chrétiens Témoins dans le Monde” becomes the new acronym. The slogan: men and women united in their faith in Jesus and who bear witness to the love of God in their lives!

1976 : Creation of the « Communauté Internationale des Hommes d’Affaires du Plein Évangile – France » French branch of the FGBMFI.

1952 : Foundation by Demos Shakarian in the United States of the « Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International » (FGBMFI)

Organization and Operation

« Chrétiens Témoins dans le Monde »(CTM) is one of the 140 FGBMFI structures present throughout the world, and engaged in this same action of witnessing. It maintains friendly and fraternal relations with them, in particular through international meetings.

In France, it is governed by a National Board and is made up of local Groups or chapters, local associations, in some thirty towns.

The dynamics of the association revolve around the organization of testimonials, conference-debates, regional or national meetings in neutral places such as restaurants, town halls, party rooms …

People encountering faith through these actions will join churches of their choice.


The objective of the members of CTM France is to bear witness to the reality of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives. Through testimonies, they will share concrete events during which they saw God act and transform their existence.

Likewise, its members are representatives of all types of professions and trades, retirees, students or people seeking employment.

These men and women, also involved in their respective churches, explain in public meetings what God is doing in their lives

Its members can also testify in the public space, in the respect of the regulations and the people.

Our values

« Christian Witnesses in the World  » association is founded on a number of values :


Members of all Christian denominations seek fellowship and submit to one another, as Jesus taught his disciples.


We believe that a world spiritual revival is called to touch all categories of population as announced in the Bible (Acts Chapter 2 Verse 7). We experiment it and we wish to share the experiences we have with God in our daily lives, be it professional, family, religious, etc. For this, we organize meetings in different forms (breakfasts, meals, snacks) and conventions. We also publish a VOIX magazine which includes these testimonies.


This is why we ask that the engagement of a married member not be done without the agreement and adhesion of his wife. It is important that the couple – and even their children – be involved in the internal life of the local group and participate in its activities, while ensuring the right balance of time to devote to the family and particularly to the children.


We are not a church and do not administer sacraments. Our members are encouraged to remain and be active in their respective churches. The members respect their different ecclesial affiliations and their respective components. They refrain from proselytizing one another in the context of their activity in the Community.

Events | Testimonials

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