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Introducing Mario García Olvera y Silvia Marques de Garcia


Mario is 62 year old, married to Silvia Marquez and they have 3 children,
Agricultural Engineer by profession, he developped his own business (TEAM, Tecnologia Agricola Mexicana), dedicated to programs of production of hibrid seeds of corn, sorghum and others seeds. His business mainly covers Central America and the North East part of the Mexican Republic.
He has been member of the FGBMFI/FIHNEC for more than 27 years. He became National President of the FIHNEC Mexico 15 years ago, and he was elected as International President of the FGBMFI in 2018 until this day.

Mario’s childhood and life have not always been easy and his testimony shows how calling to God definitely changes life and leads to personal fulfillment.
In his capacity of FGBMFI International President, Mario Garcia travels all over the world and has the joy to share the good news through his testimony and his experience with the living gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ !
For more information : https://www.fgbmfi.org/copy-of-about-us


Silvia was trained as an accountant and worked in banks for many years, alongside with raising their family, one son and two daughters.
She, too, had to face challenging circumstances. Her life is like a novel, but a novel in real as she is the author of the books « The joy of Suffering » (2014) and « The tears, pearls of Joy » (2019). Reading this presentation of the Joy of suffering will give you a taste of it:
« Have you ever asked yourself why there are so many tragedies in your life ? Every human being has gone through Suffering in a moment in their life. Nobody escapes from that pain, and no one would choose suffering instead of joy. I think that we will never prepared for it; however, it is necessary to experience it to be able to form our character and have courage before adversity. In this book you fill find a formula to overcome suffering and know the true joy and so desired HAPPINESS. « Joy and pain are not like water and oil, but coexist ». « GOD HAS PLACED PLEASURE SO CLOSE TO PAIN, YOU SOMETIMES CRY, BUT OF JOY »

Silvia Garcia is an international speaker about principles and values, sharing in Government and universities seminars, and conventions around the world.
She is fully associated to Mario’s ministry. After having been National Coordinator of the FGBMFI Mexican ladies, she is the International Coordinator of the FGBMFI Ladies of the Fellowship.

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